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Your everyday drive can make a difference
Experience the Prius Plug-in Hybrid using an everyday drive you take on a regular basis.
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    Prius Plug-In Hybrid
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    Experience new levels of fuel economy
    An electric and hybrid vehicle
    Combining the benefits of an electric car for short journeys with the ongoing fuel and cost efficiency of hybrid petrol powered car for longer journeys, it delivers unbelievable fuel economy and ultra low CO2 emissions.
    The best of both worlds
    Convenience and Flexibility
    Up to approximately 25km electric only driving for a 90 minute charge
    The Prius Plug-in gives you all the efficiencies of an electric car, without the restrictions. One 90-minute charge (with 200 volts) will give you the flexibility to drive up to approximately 25km, with zero emissions. Then, when you've used your electric charge, it automatically - smoothly - switches to petrol-hybrid power.
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    Your everyday drive can make a difference
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